Mediation Services in Bryan / College Station & Throughout Texas

What is mediation?

Mediation, a form of alternative dispute resolution, is a confidential meeting between the disputing parties and a neutral third party, a credentialed mediator. With the assistance of the mediator, the parties work towards a solution to their dispute. This non-adversarial process is designed to reach a mutually acceptable and voluntary resolution to legal contests. It keeps control of the end result of the dispute in the hands of the parties - you get to make decisions about how the matter resolves. Typically conducted during (or sometimes before) the litigation process, mediation is commonly utilized by Judges to allow the parties an opportunity to negotiate and resolve their case before going to the expense and stress of a trial.

What are the potential benefits of mediation?

  • Often much less costly than litigation
  • More confidential than open courtroom proceedings
  • The parties play an active role in the resolution of their dispute
  • Potentially a faster resolution to the dispute
  • Promotes cooperation and compromise between the parties to reach a mutually agreeable end to their dispute

Why is West Webb the best mediation option?

As practicing attorneys with mediation certification, Terrence Dill and Roy Brantley bring considerable courtroom experience into every meeting. You need mediators who refuse to abandon the mediation process, stay fully engaged in your mediation discussion, and never prejudge any case. Declaring an 'impasse' would feel like a personal defeat for Terrence and Roy, so they keep fighting to get to an agreement both sides can support. They stay tenacious, creative, and flexible. They know a committed approach can always reach an agreement. Terrence and Roy have mediated over one thousand cases and seen almost every kind of dispute - so you can be certain they are with you to the end. Book a mediation time slot right HERE.